Neonatal Urinary Outflow Obstruction Requiring Early Circumcision

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Durodola Adewumi Ojeniyi
Adeleke Olumide
Alao Michael Abel
Amole Isaac Olusayo
Adesina Adesope


Aim: To report a rare case of neonatal urinary outflow obstruction warranting early circumcision.

Presentation of Case: We are reporting a case of 36 hour old term male neonate who had early circumcision done on account of acute urinary retention secondary to urinary outflow obstruction.

Discussion: Acute urinary retention from prepucial obstruction is rather a rare entity in neonates. Similarly, circumcision is usually performed within the first several days of life to ensure that the infant is stable.

Conclusion: In cases of reversible urinary obstruction, because the degree and duration of obstruction are the chief determinants of renal dysfunction, early recognition and treatment are the keys to preventing renal loss.

Meatal stenosis, obstruction, neonate, emergency circumcision.

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Ojeniyi, D., Olumide, A., Abel, A., Olusayo, A., & Adesope, A. (2019). Neonatal Urinary Outflow Obstruction Requiring Early Circumcision. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, 2(3), 1-5. Retrieved from
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