Foreign Body Impacted in the Submassetric Region-A Case Report

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Chaitra Patil
Narasimhamurthy Srinath
Doddarayapete Narayanaswamy Umashankar
Mahesh Kumar


A foreign body is an object lying partially or completely within the body that originated from the external environment. Foreign bodies are generally encountered in the orofacial region following trauma or iatrogenic procedures. If untreated can lead to serious complications like pain, swelling and infection. Here is a case report of a retained foreign body in the orofacial region of 32-year-old male patient. This paper highlights the problems associated with diagnosis, localising and managing unlikely foreign bodies at unusual facial sites.

Foreign bodies, cellulitis, swelling, crepitation

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Patil, C., Srinath, N., Narayanaswamy Umashankar, D., & Kumar, M. (2018). Foreign Body Impacted in the Submassetric Region-A Case Report. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, 1(1), 1-5. Retrieved from
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