An Impacted Denture in the Hypopharynx - A Quick Intervention Reduces Morbidity

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Shuaib K. Aremu
Abdulwasiu Salman
Omotosho Wasiu


A 32-year-old male police officer was brought to Accidents and Emergencies on account of ingestion of a denture while trying to drink his medications, 4 hours prior to presentation in our facilities. He reported immediate painful distress, a choking sensation, cough and mild difficulty in breathing. A plain radiograph showed opacification with increased prevertebral soft tissue shadow in the region of C4-C5 of the hypopharynx. The emergency examination was conducted under general anaesthesia and the foreign body was extracted from the throat. Immediate post-operative condition was satisfactory. This case is reported to demonstrate the importance of properly anchoring artificial dentures, and as a reminder to people with artificial dentures to exercise caution when taking medications. Early presentation and quick intervention, as described in this case study, are vital to prevent serious morbidity which may occur as a result of such a condition.

Denture, hypopharynx, foreign body impaction.

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Aremu, S. K., Salman, A., & Wasiu, O. (2018). An Impacted Denture in the Hypopharynx - A Quick Intervention Reduces Morbidity. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, 1(2), 1-4. Retrieved from
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