Fireworks-Related Limb Injury in a Nigerian Neonate

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O. J. Ogundele
K. I. Egbuchulem
O. A. Ifesanya


Aims: We report an unusual case of firework blast injury to the trunk and left lower limb in a one-week-old neonate and reviewed relevant literatures.

Study Design: Case report.

Presentation of Case: Different types of injuries could be sustained following explosives used for fireworks during festivities. Fireworks-related blast injury to the limb in a neonate following accidental explosion is a rare finding in the literature and it can be associated with grave morbidity and mortality. Our index patient though survived but had accompanying morbidities.

Discussion: As fireworks-related limb injuries result in significant morbidity, public education regarding the proper use of fireworks would help in preventing the incidence of these injuries.

Conclusion: Advocacy for a strict legislation and enforcement to regulate its use in Nigeria would be the panacea.

Fireworks, injury, Nigerian, neonate

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