Ileo-colo-rectal Intussusception Secondary of Cecal Lipoma Simulating Strangulated Rectal Prolapse

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Fatimazahra Bensardi
Issam Hamrerras
Abdelillah El Bakouri
Khalid El Hattabi
Abdelaziz Fadil


Acute intussusception determines a case of severe occlusive. it is a rare clinical entity in adults. It is most often for small bowel, with a difficult clinical diagnosis, but facilitated by imaging assessment, mainly the abdominal computed tomography CT scan, which permits to make the diagnosis and to find the etiology with certainty. The treatment of intestinal intussusception in adults is always surgical, the use of pathophysiology is necessary for diagnostic confirmation; it is usually secondary to a sub mucosal lipoma. We report the case of a patient admitted in our emergency for an ileal-coeco-colo-rectal invagination prolapsed across the anus, which simulated a strangulated rectal prolapse.

Acute intestinal intussusceptions, cecal lipoma, strangulated rectal prolapse

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Bensardi, F., Hamrerras, I., Bakouri, A. E., Hattabi, K. E., & Fadil, A. (2020). Ileo-colo-rectal Intussusception Secondary of Cecal Lipoma Simulating Strangulated Rectal Prolapse. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, 3(2), 1-5. Retrieved from
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