The Ectopic Accessory Thyroid: About A Case

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Taoufik Elabbassi
Amine Bachar
Mohamed Ouchane
Mohamed Rachid Lefriyekh


The Thyroid ectopic is a rare embryologic malformation that is defined by the presence of thyroid tissue outside of its normal position, the accessory thyroid with a thyroid gland in place is exceptional.

We report a case of an elderly patient operated on for a heteromultinodular goitre with the incidental per-operative discovery of an ectopic accessory thyroid nodule in the anterior mediastinum.

Thyroid ectopic, anterior mediastinum, surgery, histology.

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Elabbassi, T., Bachar, A., Ouchane, M., & Lefriyekh, M. R. (2020). The Ectopic Accessory Thyroid: About A Case. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, 3(4), 1-4. Retrieved from
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