Voluminous Pseudomyxoma of the Thigh Secondary to a Mucinous Tumor of the Appendix

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B. Daif
A. Elkarouachi
R. Boufettal
S. R. El Jai
D. Erguibi
F. Chehab
M. Nabih
M. Fadili


A 55 year old woman came to our structure for a swelling of the anterior-internal side of the right thighthat has been evolving for 5 years; creating a taut, firm and slightly painful arch. Soft tissue MRI and abdominal CT scan showed an oblong lesion extending from the right flank to the middle third of the right thigh, the lesion is well limited lobulated with liquid signal. It is extended between the abdomen and the right thigh via the right Psoas and Pectine muscles to infiltrate the anteromedial aspect of the right thigh between the adductors while remaining peripheral, the vascular axes are free. A diagnosis of Pseudomyxoma retroperitonei, probably of appendicular origin, was suspected. An exploratory laparotomy with right hemicolectomy and evacuation of retroperitoneal gelatinous ascites and evacuation of the thigh collection through an incision on the inner side. Pathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of an appendicular mucinous tumour with retroperitoneal pseudomyxoma.

Voluminous pseudomyxoma, mucinous tumor, appendix, abdominal CT scan.

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Daif, B., Elkarouachi, A., Boufettal, R., Jai, S. R. E., Erguibi, D., Chehab, F., Nabih, M., & Fadili, M. (2020). Voluminous Pseudomyxoma of the Thigh Secondary to a Mucinous Tumor of the Appendix. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, 3(4), 19-24. Retrieved from https://journalajcrs.com/index.php/AJCRS/article/view/30130
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