The Ileosigmoid Knot as a Rare Cause of Intestinal Occlusion: Report of Two Cases

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Fatimazahra Bensardi
Bassam Daif
Ahmed Ballati
Mohamed Ouchane
Othmane Elyamine
Mounir Bouali
Abdelilah Elbakouri
Khalid Elhattabi
Abdelaziz Fadil


The ileo-sigmoid knot is a rare cause of intestinal obstruction, which usually requires emergency life-saving surgery. In this condition the ileum and sigmoid colon are twisted around each other in a knot, causing strangulation. We here report 2 cases with ileo-sigmoid knot. In both cases, the diagnosis was only made intraoperatively. Resection and colostomy were made, with the latter closed later. Both showed good prognoses. Physicians should be aware that ileo-sigmoid knot may be hidden behind intestinal obstruction.

Ileo-sigmoid node, intestinal occlusion, necrosis.

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Bensardi, F., Daif, B., Ballati, A., Ouchane, M., Elyamine, O., Bouali, M., Elbakouri, A., Elhattabi, K., & Fadil, A. (2020). The Ileosigmoid Knot as a Rare Cause of Intestinal Occlusion: Report of Two Cases. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, 4(1), 12-17. Retrieved from
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