Colorectal Foreign Body: Series of Three Case Reports

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Amritanshu Saurabh
Tayod Kumar Choudhary
Rohit Chauhan
Udit Khurana


Introduction: Although patients presenting with retained colorectal foreign bodies are uncommon, yet various incidences of it are well documented in the literature. The reasons related to it are homosexual practices, anal autoerotism, physical assault or can be a result of body packing. The patients may have minimal symptoms, or entirely asymptomatic or can develop complications like abdominal pain, sepsis, bleeding, or perforation leading to death. Delayed presentation due to social embarrassment is the most often reason for worsened results. Management and approach depends on the presentation of patient. In this article, we report a series of three cases, with distinct presentation and highlight the approaches taken to remove the foreign bodies.

Case Presentation: In the first two cases, transanal extraction with sedation or spinal anaesthesia was done to remove the foreign body. In the third case, laparotomy with an enterotomy and primary repair of sigmoid was done to remove the foreign body.

Colorectal, foreign body, transanal approach, laparotomy

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