Zone 2 Extensor Tendon Gap Reconstruction: A Case Report

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Pradeoth Mukundan Korambayil


Post traumatic loss of segment of the tendon of extensor expansion Zone 2 level is common in crush injury of the hand. Extensor tendon zone 2 level forms the inherent part in the dynamics of extensor expansion mechanism. When a segmental loss occurs, usually the reconstruction of the tendon is done with autogenous Palmaris longus tendon. In this particular clinical scenario, we found juncturae tendinum between the middle and the ring finger could be used effectively for reconstruction of zone 2 extensor tendon, due to its structural similarity. The outcome following surgery was reasonable. Post operatively hyperbaric oxygen therapy was given to improve the survival of crushed tissue.

Juncturae tendinum, tendon reconstruction, zone 2 extensor gap, Palmaris longus, hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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