A Congenital Fronto-ethmoidal Encephalocele in a Female: A Case Report

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Ouassime Kerdoud
Abd El Hamid Jehri
Faiçal Slimani
Abdessamad Naja


Encephalocele is defined as the protrusion of cranial contents beyond the normal confines of the skull. They may contain meninges (meningocele), brain tissue, and meninges (meningoence-phalocele), or they may communicate with the ventricles (meningoencephalocystocele). We report the case of 39 years old patient with congenital frontoethmoidal encephalocele. Through trans-facial approach resection of nonfunctional brain tissue was performed then the dural defect was repaired. The nasal deformity was corrected using the cement to provide dorsal nasal support from the nasal bones, the orbit's inner walls, to the lateral nasal cartilage. The absence of recurrence marked the patient's follow-up. This case is presented for its rarity.

Cement reconstruction, congenital abnormalities, Encephalocele, frontal, trans-facial approach.

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Kerdoud, O., Jehri, A. E. H., Slimani, F., & Naja, A. (2020). A Congenital Fronto-ethmoidal Encephalocele in a Female: A Case Report. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, 5(4), 22-27. Retrieved from https://journalajcrs.com/index.php/AJCRS/article/view/30172
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