Laparoscopic Management of an Unusual Paraovarian Cyst Complicated by Extensive Adhesions

Simon Blackburn

Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton, BN1 3JN, UK.

Amy Hughes-Thomas

Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton, BN1 3JN, UK.

Anies Mahomed *

Department of Paediatric Surgery, King Faisal Spacialist Hospital & Research Center, Medinah-42523, Saudi Arabia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


A 15 year old girl who had previously undergone laparotomy for ileal torsion in infancy was investigated for chronic abdominal pain.  Ultrasound and MRI scanning revealed a large tubular cyst on the right lateral pelvic wall, extending into the abdomen.  This was managed laparoscopically by extensive adhesionolysis and cystectomy .  Laparoscopic management of large paraovarian cysts is well established in adult practice but experience in children is less well documented. The unusual configuration of this cyst, consequent to extensive adhesions from previous surgery, complicated the diagnosis. Its management by laparoscopy demonstrates the therapeutic capability of this approach despite difficult conditions stemming from dense intra-abdominal adhesions.

Keywords: Paraovarian cyst, adhesions, paediatric, laparoscopic

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