2020 - Volume 3 [Issue 2]

Case Series

Morphology of Cardiac Myxoma: A Case Series with Review of Literature

Anand Deodhar, Dinesh Kulkarni

Page: 355-360

Case Report

Conservative Management of a Hollow Viscus Perforation in a Covid-19 Positive Patient

S. S. Bhattacharjee, Greeshma Suresh, B. R. Arun

Page: 226-230

Management of Xipho-Omphalopagus Conjoint Twins in North Central Nigeria: A Case Report and Discussion of Our Experience

Samson Olori, Philip M. Mshelbwala, Olabisi O. Osagie, Y. John Chinda, Babatunde Odeyemi, A. M. Mustapha, Alfa Yakubu, Ndubisi Mbajiekwe, Joshua Aiyekomogbon, Kudirat E. Olateju, Stella Omokaro

Page: 208-213

A Case Report on Ectopic Breast Tissue in a 24-Year-Old Male

Raiya Mallick, Hajrah Hilal Ahmed, Muhammad Jamaluddin

Page: 171-173

Taenia Saginata: The Solitary Enemy

Amine Bachar, Taoufik Elabbassi, Harouna Bonkoukou Abdoulaye, Mohamed Rachid Lefriyekh

Page: 277-279

Colorectal Foreign Body: Series of Three Case Reports

Amritanshu Saurabh, Tayod Kumar Choudhary, Rohit Chauhan, Udit Khurana

Page: 220-225

Successful Post-surgical Wound Management with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Mohammed Alshamali, Mariam Kenawy, Latefa Almazroui, Majdah Al- Zoabi, Dhari Alzaid, Sanaa Sallam, Fatima Bulbul, Joud Abdulraheem, Khaleel Mohammad

Page: 231-236

Isolated Complete Cervical Tracheal Transection in Penetrating Neck Injury: A Unique Case

Misauq Mazcuri, Usama T. Ahmad, Pratikshya Thapaliya, Ambreen Abid, Nazish Sikander, Tanveer Ahmad

Page: 280-285

A Strangulated Right Inguinal Hernia Containing the Transverse Colon: An Unusual Case Report

Abdulaziz Aldhafar, Adel Mohammed, Mufeed Alwabari, Raghad Aldhafar

Page: 286-289

Missed Iatrogenic Cervical Esophageal Injury: A Favorable Result in a Late Case

Misauq Mazcuri, Ambreen Abid, Tanveer Ahmad, Nazish Sikander, Pratikshya Thapaliya

Page: 237-241

Rare Case of Accidental Ingestion of Tooth Brush: Endoscopic Retrieval

Basvaraj Teli, Jyoti Taneja

Page: 312-315

Pancreatitis Secondary to Primary Hyperparathyroidism Complicating Pregnancy

Jithin Jagan Sebastian, Alfie J. Kavalakat, Sunil K. Menon, M. V. Suresh, M. K. Aneesh

Page: 322-327

Therapeutic Aspect of Foramen Magnum Meningioma an Experience of Sub-Saharan Africa, about One Case and Review of the Literature

A. Diop, M. Malangu, I. Tine, S. Diouf, B. Lounceny Fatoumata, C. Mualaba

Page: 328-332

Scrotal but Not Testicular Tumour, a Surgical Surprise- Angiomyofibroblastoma- A Case Report

C. H. Tejeswi Das, Ashish Sharma

Page: 343-349

Difficult Surgical Aspect of a Compressive Hemangioma of the Cavernous Sinus in a Neurosurgical Setting in Senegal: About a Case and Review of the Literature

A. B. Thiam, F. Athoumane, M. Malangu, C. Mualaba, M. Faye, M. C. Ba, S. B. Badiane

Page: 350-354

Bile Culture Results of Benign Biliary Obstruction: No Evidence of Infection and Prolonged Antibiotic Use

Saadhi Ikhdin, Putra David Perdana

Page: 361-365

Unexpected Site of Hydatid Cyst, in Thigh- A Case Report

Ch. Tejeswi Das, Siddharth Tamaskar, Ch. Suneetha, M. Manisha

Page: 377-382

Case Study

Retained Rectal Foreign Body: A Case Report

Viraj Panda, Faiz Manzar Ansari

Page: 290-297

Gossypiboma - Rare Cause of Rectovaginal Fistula: A Case Report

Neeraj Saxena, Rohit Chauhan, Tayod Kumar Choudhary

Page: 252-256

Koebner’s Phenomenon in Psoriasis Post Nipple Sparing Mastectomy with Immediate Silicone Implant Breast Reconstruction

Y. L. Tan, R. A. Raflis, N. A. Hakim, E. N. Aina, A. Daphne

Page: 248-251

Successful Retrieval of a Partially Cut and Embolized Peripheral Intravenous Catheter from Cephalic Vein

Manoj Ravi, C. K. Prasanna Kumar, T. P. Rakesh

Page: 198-202

Dual Ectopic Thyroid: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Nurul Syamiza S, Y. L. Tan, Sadhana Mahamad

Page: 174-181

Atypical Presentation of Appendicitis Revealing a COVID-19 Infection

Fakhar Shahid, Khalid Ahmed, Zubair Shahid, . Inamullah, Syed Muhammad Ali, Zia Aftab

Page: 203-207

Umbilical Pilonidal Sinus: Case Report of 2 Cases and Review of Literature

Manas Ranjan Panda, Prajesh Bhuta

Page: 182-185

A Congenital Fronto-ethmoidal Encephalocele in a Female: A Case Report

Ouassime Kerdoud, Abd El Hamid Jehri, Faiçal Slimani, Abdessamad Naja

Page: 298-303

Zone 2 Extensor Tendon Gap Reconstruction: A Case Report

Pradeoth Mukundan Korambayil

Page: 257-260

An Obstructed Sliding Hernia Containing Ileum, Caecum and Ascending Colon as Contents: A Rare Case Report

Amritanshu Saurabh, Rohit Chauhan, Vikash Yadav

Page: 186-190

Neurofibroma Arising in Ectopic Breast Tissue: A Unique Case Report

Cammarata Roberto, Cammarata Antonio

Page: 304-311

Bodypacking: When to Operate?

K. Elhattabi, A. Bachar, F. Z. Bensardi, A. Elbakouri, A. Fadil, M. Bouali

Page: 266-270

A Case of Parathyroid Adenoma Presenting as Pathological Fracture Neck of Femur

Manohar Sri Vignesh, Robinson Smile

Page: 191-197

Scar Endometriosis – An Unusual Case: From a Surgeon’s Perspective

Parthasarathi Hota

Page: 271-276

Unilateral Condylar Hyperplasia in a Male: A Case Report

Ouassime Kerdoud, Faiçal Slimani

Page: 316-321

Nonobstructing Nonrefluxing Congenital Left Giant Megaureter with Ipsilateral Renal Dysplasia in a 6-year-old Male Child: A Case Report and Literature Review

D. K. Shah, Kamlesh Soni, Krupal M. Patel, Shreyansh Patel, Renish Padshala, Shivani Chaudhary

Page: 333-337

Acute Abdomen: A Rare Presentation of Breast Cancer

A. Anniestan, K. B. Galketiya, A. B. Jayathilake, E. R. I. A. N. D. Ranasinghe, P. B. Hewavithana

Page: 338-342

Paediatric Ectopic Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: A Unique Case

Shu Lih Lau, Kishanti Balachandran, Sadhana Mahamad

Page: 366-371

Functional Wharton’s Duct Remnant Post-Submandibular Gland Resection with Sialadenitis

Najlaa Raihana Juhari, Chong Aun Wee

Page: 372-376

Inaugural Orbital Metastasis of a Mediastinal-Pulmonaryadenocarcinoma

Bajjouk Salma, Bouchaar Mounia, Guerroum Hind, Haddougui Soukaina, Essadki Nabil, Reda Karim, Oubaaz Abdelbarre

Page: 383-387

Sternalis Muscle- Rare Presentation in Routine Surgical Practice

Theebanraja Ramalingam, Maya Mazuwin Yahya, Siti Rahmah Bt Hashim Isa Merican, Wan Zainira Wan Zain, Zaidi Zakaria

Page: 388-392

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