Percutaneous Extraction of a Foreign Body in an Obstructed Transplanted Kidney

Abdolsalam Ahmadi, Akbar Jalal, Mohamed Mubarak, Husain Al Aradi

Page: 1-6
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A Rare Large Cystic Tumour of Pancreas – A Case Report and Literature Review

Maheswaran Pitchaimuthu, Selvakumar Balakrishnan

Page: 24-30
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Acute Mitral Regurgitation after Blunt Chest Trauma: A Case Report

Luan Nguyen Thanh, Trung Tran Minh, Tien Tran Quyet

Page: 7-11
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The Ileosigmoid Knot as a Rare Cause of Intestinal Occlusion: Report of Two Cases

Fatimazahra Bensardi, Bassam Daif, Ahmed Ballati, Mohamed Ouchane, Othmane Elyamine, Mounir Bouali, Abdelilah Elbakouri, Khalid Elhattabi, Abdelaziz Fadil

Page: 12-17
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A Rare Presentation of an Obstructing Metastatic Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Distal Ileum: A Case Report

Islam Khaled, Hany Soliman, Amal Farid, Amr Dorgham

Page: 18-23
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