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Perforation of Gallbladder Due to Ingested Foreign Body (Unabsorbed Pill) in a Case of Cholecystoduodenal Fistula: A Case Report

Amritanshu Saurabh, Rohit Chauhan, Tayod Kumar Choudhary, Prashant Deo Ranjan

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 10-14

Gallbladder perforation is a rare but serious complication of cholecystitis. Presence of foreign body in gallbladder is also an extremely rare condition. Here, we report a case of gallbladder perforation due to ingestion of foreign body (unabsorbed pill) in a case of asymptomatic cholecystoduodenal fistula. Few ingested pills passed through gastrointestinal tract but one pill entered in the gallbladder lumen through a cholecystoduodenal fistula. The undigested pill was lodged in the lumen of gallbladder at its fundus and eroded the wall of gallbladder and caused perforation at the fundus of gallbladder. As per knowledge, there are very few cases reported in which most of the ingested foreign body were sharp and penetrating which caused gallbladder perforation. No case of undigested pill in the gallbladder lumen which caused serious complication like perforation has been reported till date.

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Neck Cellulitis an Unusual Presentation of Laryngeal Carcinoma: A Case Report

B. Mas Ayu, S. H. Tan, A. B. Zulkiflee, G. Sakina

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 1-5

Laryngeal carcinoma is a common malignancy most commonly presented with hoarseness and impending airway obstruction. However, the diagnosis of laryngeal carcinoma with presentation of neck cellulitis is a rare presentation.

Here we report a case of 78 years old man with history of painful left neck swelling extending to the left chest which was initially treated as extensive left neck abscess extending to the left chest wall. A diagnosis of laryngeal carcinoma was made following incision and drainage of the left neck swelling and biopsy of the abnormal tracheal cartilage which revealed squamous cell carcinoma.

Here we reported an uncommon presentation of laryngeal carcinoma.

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Duodenal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: About Two Cases

A. Elkarouachi, A. Ballati, L. Elattar, Z. Essaidi, S. R. Jai, D. Erguibi, R. Bouffetal, F. Chehab

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 6-9

Duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) represent a rare location of the gastrointestinal tract. Curative treatment is based on the surgical approach. There is a controversy, if duodenal GISTs should be treated by a duodenopancreatectomy or by a limited resection of the duodenum. In this article, we report two cases of duodenal Duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumors. In the first case it was a tumor of genus inferus and in the second case a tumor which depends on the duodeno-jejunal angle. The two patients treated by local resection. Whenever possible, local resection is recommended for resection of duodenal GISTs, to avoid longer hospital stays and higher risk of perioperative complications.

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Colocolic Intussusception on Sigmoid Tumor: Case Report

A. El Bakouri, A. Elkarouachi, M. Bouali, K. Elhattabi, F. Z. Bensardi, A. Fadil

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 15-18

We report a case of colocolic intussusception of a sigmoid tumor in a 45-year-old woman. The clinical presentation was abdominal pain. The abdominal ultrasound examination was suggestive of intussusception. The CT scan confirmed the diagnosis of intussusception by showing a segment of the descending colon embedded in the sigmoid producing a cockade appearance. The procedure done was a segmental left colonic resection with a double-barreled ileocolostomy. Histopathological examination revealed a moderately differentiated liberkuhn adenocarcinoma.

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Fournier’s Gangrene in a Female Patient: Rare Case Report

Jothiprasad Venkatesan, T. B. Noufal, Sureeskumar Subramaniam, Sarveswaran Venugopal

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 19-22

Fournier’s gangrene is a rare, rapidly progressive, necrotizing fasciitis of the external genitalia and perineum. It is predominantly a disease of males but very rarely can occur in females also. It is a surgical emergency. An early diagnosis including evaluation of predisposing and etiological factors, metabolic and physiological parameters with prompt resuscitation, aggressive surgical debridement, broad-spectrum antibiotic coverage, and continuous monitoring of all the parameters is essential for a good outcome. This will reduce the mortality and morbidity of the disease. In this study we are reporting Fournier’s gangrene in a 56 years old diabetic female who was treated successfully with good outcome.