Perforation of Gallbladder Due to Ingested Foreign Body (Unabsorbed Pill) in a Case of Cholecystoduodenal Fistula: A Case Report

Amritanshu Saurabh, Rohit Chauhan, Tayod Kumar Choudhary, Prashant Deo Ranjan

Page: 10-14
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Neck Cellulitis an Unusual Presentation of Laryngeal Carcinoma: A Case Report

B. Mas Ayu, S. H. Tan, A. B. Zulkiflee, G. Sakina

Page: 1-5
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Duodenal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: About Two Cases

A. Elkarouachi, A. Ballati, L. Elattar, Z. Essaidi, S. R. Jai, D. Erguibi, R. Bouffetal, F. Chehab

Page: 6-9
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Colocolic Intussusception on Sigmoid Tumor: Case Report

A. El Bakouri, A. Elkarouachi, M. Bouali, K. Elhattabi, F. Z. Bensardi, A. Fadil

Page: 15-18
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Fournier’s Gangrene in a Female Patient: Rare Case Report

Jothiprasad Venkatesan, T. B. Noufal, Sureeskumar Subramaniam, Sarveswaran Venugopal

Page: 19-22
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