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Management of Osteoid Osteoma in the Hand: Report of Eight Cases and Review of the Literature

Charafeddine Elkassimi, Mohammed Rafai, Abderrahim Rafaoui, Abdeljabar Messoudi, Abdelhak Garch

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 1-5

Osteoid osteoma is a rare, very painful bone tumor. We report a series of eight patients with osteoid osteoma of the hand. The average age of our patients was 27 years old. On radiological imaging of the hand, the typical appearance of osteoid osteoma  was present in 100% of the cases. Surgical treatment by en bloc excision and curettage of the tumor with filling with a cancellous graft gave fovariable results in our series.

Open Access Case Study

Bilateral Scapular Fracture: A Case Report

Z. F. Zengui, M. A. El Halemi, M. Sennouni, M. Fargouch, Y. El Andaloussi, A. R. Haddoun, M. Fadili

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 6-10

The simultaneous fracture of both scapulae is an unusual clinical feature. They are thought to result from a violent trauma to the upper part of the shoulder often associated with other injuries whose severity obscures the scapular injuries. Computed tomography with 3D reconstruction may be of assistance in the diagnosis of involvement of the glenoid surface and associated lesions. Often conservative in treatment, surgical procedures may find their indications in patients with involvement of the glenoid cavity or the external abutment with significant displacement as well as other associated lesions. We report the clinical case of a 50-year-old patient, presenting with bilateral comminuted fracture of the bodies of the scapula with damage to the glenoid surface on the right following a work accident due to a fall from a 6m high ladder with landing on the dorsal surface of the thorax and having undergone conservative treatment with excellent functional results and a constant score of 100 for both shoulders at 1 year of follow-up.

Open Access Case Study

Partial Mole versus Hydropic Abortus: A Report of Two Cases

Kavita Khoiwal, Rabia Zaman, Amrita Gaurav, Ashok Singh, Nirali Kapoor, Jaya Chaturvedi

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 11-14

Molar and non-molar gestation are different entities and their differentiation is crucial. We report one case of non-molar placenta/ hydropic abortus and one case of huge partial molar gestation.

Open Access Case Study

Bleeding Breast Tumor: Case of Neurofibromatosis Breast, Dilemma in Diagnosis

F. Shahizzat, D. H. Ismail, B. Anita

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 15-19

Neurofibromatosis in breast swelling is a rare presentation. We encountered a female presented with odd presentations of bleeding breast swelling. Initial imaging shows appearances of haemangioma with a lesion based on Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS) BIRADS 4a. Initial biopsy shows a characteristic of Phyllodes tumor, however post-operative histopathological shows peripheral neural sheath tumor in favor neurofibroma.

Open Access Case Study

Unusual Presentation and Novel Treatment of Granulomatous Thyroiditis: A Rare and Interesting Case

Ramakanth Bhargav Panchangam, Sabaretnam Mayilvaganan, D. Vnssvams Mahalakshmi, Poongkodi Karunakaran, Pradeep Puthenveetil

Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery, Page 20-24

Granulomatous thyroiditis (GT) is one of the various types of autoimmune thyroiditis. Although, it usually occurs in women of reproductive age in peri-gestational period. We present a case of GT in a sixty year old gentleman presenting with pyrexia of unknown origin lasting for 12 months. On comprehensive evaluation, no other sources of chronic inflammatory disease causing fever were found. Surgical total thyroidectomy was performed as no other treatment was relieving his fever. Surprisingly his fever resolved completely at followup. In this context, we report this  unusual clinical presentation of PUO due to GT and the role of total thyroidectomy as a treatment option.