2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 2]

Case Report

Chylolymphatic Mesenteric Cysts Presenting with Acute Intestinal Obstruction: 3 Case Reports

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 329-333

Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL) Muscle Flap Associated With a Skin Graft, as a Salvage Solution in Deep Abdomino-Perineal and External Genitalia Burns

A. H. Hissein , J. L. Mokako , J. Benyoussef , A. Meftah , S. Sabur , A. Chakir , A. El Harti , M. Diouri

Page: 360-367

Surgical Repositioning of Developing Canine and Circummandibular Wire Fixation of Parasymphysis Fracture in a Four Year Old Child: A 1 - Year Follow up Case Report

K. Maheshkumar , Nagalakshmi Chowdhary , Maheshkumar, Rajashekar Reddy , Supriyo Pal , S. Varsha

Page: 368-373

Abdominal Wall Endometrioma after Cesarean

David Alejandro Malo Ocampo , Jessica Etzai Castillo González , María Fernanda Reyes Ponce , Nahomi Sharon Siordia Cruz

Page: 379-384

An Uncommon Presentation of Axial Torsion with Ischemic Perforation of Meckel’s Diverticulum

Hian Ee Heng , Wong Jo-Lin, Teh Mei Sze

Page: 400-404

A Giant Primary Hydatid Cyst of Spleen – A Case Report

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 405-409

Appendicular Mucocele: A Case Report

Michaël Djogbe , Abraham Youssouf Conde , Zakaria Moatassim , Ibrahim Kaba , Omar Mkira , Hadj Omar Malki , Lahcen Ifrine , Abdelkader Belkouchi

Page: 410-415

All Perianal Abscesses are Not Necessarily Cryptoglandular in Origin – Beware!

Scott Arockia Singh

Page: 428-432

Surgical Correction of Webbed Neck Using Modified Z-Plasty Technique: A Case Report

El Harti Amine , Sabur Sara , Youssfi Ahlam , Karti Sara , Diouri Mounia

Page: 433-438

Primary Mesenteric Hydatid Cyst- A Rare Case Report

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 439-444

Pedunculated Focal Nodular Hyperplasia Adherent to the Gall Bladder: A Case Report

Chetan Gowda , A. R. Nitin Rao , Sana Sultana , Vignesh Varma

Page: 445-450

Open Enucleation of the Talus in a Case Report

Rajaallah A., Tabbak K., Jebbouri K., Lamnaouar F., Kassimi C., Rafaoui A., Rafai M.

Page: 645-648

A Little Girl’s Battle with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

Sadia Akram, Zunaira Muzzamil, Zufishan Muzzamil, Iram Muzzamil

Page: 451-454

Malignant Cryptorchid Testis Presenting as an Intra-Abdominal Mass: A Case Report

Premasiri M. P. N. M., Sabaratnam V. Y.

Page: 460-464

Adult Common Mesentery in Small Bowel Volvulus: A Rare Case Report

Ouhammou Yousra, Laamri Imad , Condé Abraham , EL Allami Youness , Abouelalaa Khalil , Elabsi Mohammed , Alami F. H.

Page: 476-482

Robotic-Assisted Bilateral Cortical Sparing Adrenalectomy in a Case of Bilateral Familial Pheochromocytoma: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Saloni Chheda , Apoorva Pawar , Saurabh Ramesh Patil , Arun Behl , P. S. Lamba , Bipin Daxini

Page: 492-497

A Transmesocolic Hernia of the Transverse Colon with Intestinal Obstruction

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal

Page: 514-517

Haemocholecyst: A Source of Gastrointestinal Bleeding in a Covid-19 Patient

Bobby Y. K. Lee, Ian Chik , Shahrul R., L. W. H. Lai , T. H. Chieng

Page: 518-521

Abdominal Cocoon, a Surgical Challenge: A Report of 6 Cases

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal

Page: 528-535

Giant Prostate Cancer: A Clinical Enigma

H. Krishna Moorthy , Lal Darsan , Ashwin Krishnamoorthy , Anupama Chithra , Thulasi P.

Page: 541-545

A Prepubertal Giant Juvenile Fibroadenoma: Case Report and Brief Literature Review

Abhijeet Tehre , Saloni Chheda , Sai Trinadh , Harshit Shah , Anil Heroor

Page: 572-576

An Unusual Case of a Rare Anatomic Variation of Billary Ductation during Cholecystomy

Ouhammou Y., Condé A. Y., DJogbe M., Kaba I., El Allami Y., Bakounda C., El Absi M., ElMahjoub E., El Ounani M., Amraoui M., El Alami E. H.

Page: 581-585

Case Study

Traumatic Bilateral Testicular Dislocation: A Case Report

M. S. Soaid , A. M. Mohamad , M. N. Kamarulzaman

Page: 325-328

Transversus Abdominis Muscle Release for a Rare Case of Complex Ventral Hernia with Desmoid Tumour

Gayatri Amit Deshpande , Vikrant Akulwar , Bhupesh Tirpude , Hemant Bhanarkar , Girish Kodape , Raj Gajbhiye

Page: 334-341

A Rare Case of Nasal Polyposis in Hurler Syndrome

W. Lendoye , S. Moujrid , Y. Oukessou , R. Abada , M. Mahtar

Page: 342-345

Evisceration of Bowel: Sequelae of High Velocity Injury

Emad Alvi , Wasif Mohammad Ali , Isra Khan , Imad Ali , Manzoor Ahmad

Page: 346-350

Papillary Microcarcinoma of Thyroid with Tuberculosis: An Exceptional Association

W. Lendoye , Y. Oukessou , H. Radhi , R. Abada , M. Mahtar

Page: 351-355

Cystic Lymphangioma of the Jejunal Mesentery in a Child

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 356-359

Hearing Loss and Language Delay in a Child with Goldenhar Syndrome: A Case Report with Literature Review

Mohamed Laachoubi , Bensimimou Salma , Youssef Oukessou , Sami Rouadi, Redallah Abada , Mohamed Roubal , Mohamed Mahtar

Page: 374-378

Omental Cysts a Rare Intra-Abdominal Pathology: Two Case Reports

Sopan N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Sachin Ingle

Page: 385-390

Low Grade Appendiceal Neoplasm: A Case Report

Vikas Chalotra , Sarabjeet Singh, Natasha Nuna , Shubham Garg

Page: 391-394

Intestinal Cystic Pneumatosis Secondary to Antro-Pyloric Stenosis Discovered during a Suspicion of Peritonitis by Ulcerative Perforation: A Case Report

Hajri Amal , Ettaoussi Abdelhak , Tijani Nissrine , Bouali Mounir, El Bakuri Abdelilah , El hattabi Khalid , Bensardi Fatima-zahra , Fadil Abdelaziz

Page: 395-399

The Perils of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in a Patient with Christmas Disease

Udit Bagchi, Suraj Ethiraj, Soumith Subhash

Page: 416-420

Hydatid Cyst of the Psoas: A Report of 3 Cases

M. Dabbagh , A. Maazouz , I. El Azzaoui , H. Hablaje , R. El Mouhib , W. Chair , M. Karami , H. Bouidida , M. Lamghari , A. Bensal , M. Najih , H. El Kaoui , S. M. Bouchentouf , A. Bounaim , M. Moujahid

Page: 421-427

Arteriovenous Malformation of Rectum causing Lower Gastro Intestinal Bleed Managed with Trans-Catheter Arterial Embolisation – A Case Report

Muvva Sri Harsha , Prasanna Kumar Reddy, M. Balika , Vijay N., Ravi Kumar R.

Page: 455-459

Management Intricacies of an Extra Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor in a Mini Gastric Bypass Patient - A Rare Tumor in a Difficult Anatomical Terrain

Ashwin Krishnamoorthy , Madhu Muralee , Subhash Raveendran

Page: 465-470

Spontaneous Transomental Hernia through the Greater Omentum: Case Report

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal

Page: 471-475

Primary Ovarian Hydatid Cyst – An Extremely Rare Case

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal, Sachin Ingle

Page: 483-487

A Case of Axillary Tail of Spence Carcinoma or Occult Breast Carcinoma?- A Diagnostic Dilemma

Lim Y. P., Rossly F., Ng K. H., Chia P. Y.

Page: 498-503

A Retrospective Analysis of Paraduodenal Internal Hernia: A Case Series of Nine Patients

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal

Page: 504-513

Pancreatic Insulinoma: A Case Report

Conde Abraham Youssef , Ouhammou Yousra , Kaba Ibrahima , Bakunda Cristian, Yakka Mbarek , Fahsi Mohammed , Abouelalaa Khalil , Elhjouji Abderrahmane , Ait Ali Abdelmounaim

Page: 522-527

Intestinal Neuronal Dysplasia presenting at adulthood: A Case Report

Arbaab Khan , Vasim Shaikh , Imran Shaikh

Page: 551-557

Pilomatrixoma of the Chest Wall: A Case Report

Sagarika Bhole , Sadashiv Bhole

Page: 558-561

Anal Abscess Revealing Rectal Cancer: Case Report

M. Anajjar , A. Fadili , M. Gridda , Y. Elbrahmi , N. Njoumi , M. Elfahssi , A. Elhajjouji, A. Aitali

Page: 562-566

Mesenteric Cyst as Inguinal Hernia, Should We Do More?

Rosnanadiah M. Y., Pavin Bal , Fatimatuzzahrah B., Nazurah J. S.

Page: 567-571

A Case Report on Left-sided Paraduodenal Hernia: Rare Cause of Acute Intestinal Obstruction

H. Hablaje , M. Sabur, M. Dabbagh , I. Elazzaoui, A. Maazouz , R. El Mouhib , W. Chair , M. Karami , H. Bouidida, M. Lamghari , A. Bensal , M. Najih , H. Kaoui , M. Moujahid, A. Bounaim , S. M. Bouchentouf

Page: 577-580

Double Rarity Right Bochdalek’s Hernia with Intrathoracic Kidney: A Case Report

M. Anajjar, A. Fadili , M. Gridda, W. Atmani, Y. Elbrahmi, N. Njoumi, M. Yakka , M. Elfahssi, A. Elhajjouji, A. Aitali

Page: 586-590

Abdominal Cocoon: A Forgotten Diagnosis

M. Anajjar, N. N. Joumi, A. Fadili, A. Akhdamch , P. Nsengiyumva, W. Atmani, A. Rehali, Y. Elbrahmi, M. Elfahssi, A. Elhajjouji , A. Aitali

Page: 591-597

Vanek’s Tumour Unveiled: Decoding Enigmatic Intricacies at the Ileocecal Junction

M. Anajjar, A. Fadili , P. Nsengiyumva, A. Akhdamch, W. Atmani , A. Rehali, Y. Elbrahmi, N. Njoumi, M. Yakka , M. Elfahssi, A. Elhajjouji, A. Aitali

Page: 598-602

A Rare Case of Primary Neuroendocrine Tumor of the Bladder

Suruchi Kumari , Manoj Andley , Sudipta Saha , Katyayni Singh , Sumanth Reddy

Page: 603-607

Sigmoid Colon Perforation by Foreign Body Insertion

Tejinder Singh Chhabda, Nikita N. Marathe , Pranav Wadhokar, Ahmad Jibran Javed

Page: 608-612

Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in a Thyroglossal Cyst in an Adult Patient

Shaikh Mohd Shaad, Mehta Keshavi, Gajghate Nayan, Chatterjee Sanjay

Page: 613-619

A Rare Case of Appendiceal Intussusception Secondary to Low-Grade Mucinous Neoplasm

Rajendra Shinde , Nikita N. Marathe , Naresh B. Kumar, Amit Lathoriya, Gopal Chitlange, Pratik Jadhav

Page: 620-624

Totally Laparoscopic Management with Natural Orifice Specimen Retrieval of a Rare Incidental Synchronous Colonic and Endometrial Cancer

Ganesh Shenoy , Amol S. Jeur , Marina Thomas, Rubina Shanawaz, Ramesh B. S., Nawab Jan

Page: 625-630

A Waistline Skin Cancer (Dhoti Cancer) in India: Case Report

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal, Supriya Jatal , Ganesh Swami

Page: 631-634

Testicular Torsion: Case Report & Literature Review

Nur ‘Aqilah Hadenor

Page: 635-638

Deciphering Pancreatitis, Panniculitis, Polyarthritis (PPP) Syndrome: Case Report

M. Anajjar , N. Njoumi, A. Fadili, A. Akhdamch, P. Nsengiyumva, W. Atmani, A. Rehali , Y. Elbrahmi, M. Yakka, M. Elfahssi, A. Elhajjouji, A. Aitali

Page: 639-644

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