All Perianal Abscesses are Not Necessarily Cryptoglandular in Origin – Beware!

Scott Arockia Singh *

Dr. Scott’s Laser Piles Fistula Center, Ananthanadarkudy, Nagercoil-629201, Tamilnadu, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Perianal abscess is the most common abscess that arises from the anal glands in the crypts of the dentate line of anal canal mucosa. Over 90% of perianal abscess originates at the level of the dentate line where the squamocolumnar junction and 4-10 anal glands reside. Anorectal abscess due to non-cryptoglandular etiology is uncommon. We present a perianal ischiorectal abscess secondary to a ruptured prostatic abscess in a diabetic patient. Urinary tract infection in diabetes leads to prostatic abscess formation especially patients with voiding disturbances. Anorectal abscesses should be adequately assessed with symptoms, physical examination, laboratory, and imaging, and rarely underlying causes of inflammation of adjacent organs, such as the prostatic abscess, should be kept in mind. It is a rare clinical condition, only a few cases reported in the literature.

Keywords: Prostatic abscess, perianal abscess, diabetes mellitus, perianal pain, ischiorectal abscess, cryptoglandular infection, dentate line, non-cryptoglandular infection

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Singh, Scott Arockia. 2023. “All Perianal Abscesses Are Not Necessarily Cryptoglandular in Origin – Beware!”. Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery 6 (2):428-32.


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