2024 - Volume 7 [Issue 1]

Case Report

A Case Report on Beaded Jejunum in a Post Kidney Transplant Recipient

Shivani Desai , Varad Nadkarni , Vineet Shukla , Rajesh Yadav

Page: 6-12

Laparoscopic Assisted Gastrostomy: A Case Report

Rania El Mouhib , Mahmoud Dabbagh , Amine Maazouz , Imad El Azzaoui , Walid Chair , Houda Bouidida , Hind Habladje , Mohamed Lamghari , Mohammed Najih , Hakim El Kaoui , Mountassir Moujahid , Sidi Mohamed Bouchentouf , Ahmed Bounaim

Page: 342-346

Left Paraduodenal Hernia: Rare Cause of Acute Intestinal Obstruction

I. El Messaoudi , A. Laalou, O. Aragon , K. Chtaibi, N. Njoumi, A. Ait Ali

Page: 13-16

Occlusion of the Small Intestine Associated with Acute Radiation Enteritis: Case Report

A. Akhdamch , A. Kouassi , M. Anajjar, M. Ben Moussa , F. Tijami, H. Hachi

Page: 60-67

A Rare Case of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of External Auditory Canal

W. Bijou , F. El Mourabit , C. Rsaissi , M. Loudghiri , W. Bijou , Y. Oukessou , S. Rouadi, R. Abada , M. Roubal , M. Mahtar

Page: 68-73

Liver Metastasis of Gallbladder Cancer with Portal Venous Tumor Thrombosis

H. Hayashi , H. Saito, D. Fujimori , K. Sugano , Y. Furutani, K. Sawada, K. Oyama, M. Kotake, T. Hara

Page: 85-90

Traumatic Extradural Hematoma and Kernohan’s Phenomena in Pediatric Patient: Case Report and Current Concepts

Farah Wahidah Sazali, Mohamad Azhari Bin Omar

Page: 109-113

Primary Gluteal Intramuscular Hydatid Cyst: A Case Report

Urvi Antala , Raj Dangarosia , Yash Patel

Page: 114-119

From Dormant Debris to Danger: Unveiling Spilled Gallstones Intriguing Transformation into Preperitoneal Abscess

Vijay N, Muvva Sri Harsha M, Jatin Kumar , Prasanna Kumar Reddy

Page: 138-142

Uncommon Encounter of Colonic Obstruction as the Initial Presentation of Metastatic Distal Pancreatic Cancer: A Case Report

Gudi Dileep, Satish Kumar B M, Rashmi Vaidya

Page: 143-148

Multiple Magnetic Foreign Bodies Causing Double Gastrocolic Fistulas in a Child: Case Report

Saad Annattah , Fatima Zahra Bejjou , Saad Andaloussi , Aziz EL Madi

Page: 160-164

Penile Tourniquet Syndrome by Hair in Children: Case Report

Saad Annattah, Abdkrim Haita, Saad Andaloussi , Aziz El Madi

Page: 165-169

Seeded Trouble: A Case Report of Sigmoid Colon Perforation Due to Rambutan Seed

Chieng Loo Ling, Anil Kumar A/L Sree Kumar Pillai, Prasad Mothayapan, Tiong How Chieng

Page: 170-175

Vocal Cord Paralysis Unveiling a Dilated Cardiomyopathy: A Rare Case of Ortner’s Syndrome and Literature Review

Mohamed Amine Karmouch, Hamza Benghaleb , Myriam Loudghiri , Walid Bijou , Youssef Oukessou , Sami Rouadi, Redallah Abada , Mohamed Roubal , Mohamed Mahtar

Page: 176-180

Surgical Treatment of Macrostomia in Tessier Slit No. 7: A Case Report

Hafssa Hadri, MSK. Hattab , Z. Aziz , N. Mansouri Hattab

Page: 181-186

Abdominal Cocooning as a Cause of Acute Intestinal Obstruction: A Case Report and Literature Review

Sharath Sekar , Madhura. M. Killedar , Rohit Desai

Page: 193-197

Use of inj. Botox to the Abdominal Wall in Large Incisional Hernia Repair : A Local Experience in a Tertiary Hospital in Singapore

Irene Wen-Hui Tu , Tirukonda Prasanna Sivanath , Sulaiman Bin Yusof, Ong Jianming Calvin

Page: 198-206

Hyperparathyroidism’s Rare Reveal: Young Adult with Recurrent Pancreatitis

Kirushanth Sathiyanathan, Senuri Dias, B Lalith Perera, T Nissanthan

Page: 207-212

Ossifying Fibroma of the Maxilla: Case Report

L. Douimi, O. Labib, W. Bijou, Y. Oukessou, S. Rouadi, R. Abada, M. Roubal, M. Mahtar

Page: 213-217

Small Bowel Obstruction on a Polyp Associated with Radiation Enteritis: Case Report

A. Akhdamch, Y. El Brahmi , Dato H. O, N. Njoumi, M. Anajjar, M. El Fahssi , A. El Hajjouji , A. Ait Ali

Page: 222-227

Agenesis of Gall Bladder: A Case Report

Rohit Saha, Uttam Konwar, Diganta Borgohain, Razvi Das, Deeparani Pegu, Surya Kumar Saikia

Page: 235-239

Bone-forming Angiomyolipoma of the Kidney

Lal Darsan. S, H. Krishnamoorthy

Page: 240-244

A Case of Double Inferior Vena Cava: A Case Report

Ezura Yusof, Salina Aziz

Page: 245-249

Angioleiomyoma of Left Proximal Arm Region- Mimic as Soft Tissue Sarcoma

L. Gopi Singh, K. Srinivas Reddy, AM Adarsha, B. Hari Krishna, Samarth Sahoo, R. Krishna, Siddharth S. Rao

Page: 259-262

Ileocecal Intussusception Caused by Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasm

Maria João Vale, Pedro Caldes, Sónia Bispo, Augusto Lourenço

Page: 263-266

Post Laparoscopic Surgery Port Site Infections and their Management

Mukesh Pancholi, Sushil Damor, Digant Patel, Jagrut Patel, Kalpesh Patel

Page: 267-271

Isolated Saphena Varix: A Rare Case of Groin Swelling

Aditya Jayaprakash, Nithila Sivakumar, Lakshmi Murugesan, Lakshiya Ramamoorthy

Page: 272-277

A Case of Inguinal Bladder Hernia

Vasu Nikunj

Page: 282-285

A Case Report on Left Paraduodenal Internal Hernia with Congenital Ladd’s Bands

Sidharth Misra , Sangram Karandiker

Page: 286-291

Ethmoido-orbital Osteoma Concealed within Nasal Polyps: A Rare Case Report and Literature Review

Mohamed Amine Karmouch, Hamza Benghaleb, Myriam Loudghiri, Walid Bijou, Youssef Oukessou, Sami Rouadi, Redallah Abada, Mohamed Roubal, Mohamed Mahtar

Page: 305-310

Clinical Presentation and Surgical Approach with Review of Literature in Cases of Giant Parathyroid Adenoma

Miit Manek , Ashok Galande, Gopal Chitlange

Page: 311-317

The Successful Management of Cardiac Arrest under Total Spinal Anesthesia: A Case Report

Bendamia K., Aberrouch L., Tadili J., Faroudy M.

Page: 318-323

Unexpected Twists: The Rare Occurrence of Volvulus in Meckel’s Diverticulum

Maria João Vale, Pedro Caldes, Sónia Bispo, Augusto Lourenço

Page: 324-328

Diagnostic Challenge and Management of a Giant Appendiceal Mucocele: A Case Report

Reema Mahdi, Abdulaziz Almutawea, Basel Ebrahim, Isam Juma, Ahmet Aslan, Husain Ahmadi

Page: 329-334

Extra-Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (EGISTs) : A Case Report and Review of Literature

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal, Ajay Punpale, Sachin Ingle

Page: 335-341

Case Study

Tuberculosis of the Base of the Tongue: A Rare Case Report

Z. Elkrimi, C. Rsaissi , W. Bijou , Y. Oukessou , R. Abada, S. Rouadi, M. Roubal, M. Mahtar

Page: 1-5

Giant Lipoma Over Thigh

Abhishek Soham Satpathy

Page: 17-20

Incidentally Detected Malrotation in a Case of Traumatic Gastric Perforation

Abhishek Soham Satpathy

Page: 21-25

Triorchidism, a Rare Genitourinary Anomaly: A Case Report

S. N. Jatal, Sudhir Jatal , Supriya Jatal , Shubhangi Jatal

Page: 26-29

A Novel Approach to a Rare Case of Fournier’s Gangrene Involving the Space of Retzius

Ong Jianming Calvin , Amanda See Huimin , Ramesh Wijaya , Sulaiman Bin Yusof

Page: 30-35

Collet-Sicard Syndrome: Clinical and Radiological Aspect

F. El Mourabit, I. Larhrabli, Y. Oukessou , S. Rouadi, R. Abada, M. Roubal, M. Mahtar

Page: 36-41

Kaposi's Sarcoma of Tonsils

B. Abdulhakeem, F. El Mourabit , N. Hmamed , Y. Oukessou, S. Rouadi , R. Abada , M. Roubal, M. Mahtar , F. Z. Badi

Page: 42-47

Necrotising Soft Tissue Infection (NSTI), an Atypical Complication of Pressure Ulcer: A Case Report

Norashikin Ahmad, Aina Nazira Abdul Muttalib, Mohd Shafiq Rahman , Yogessvaran Krishnan

Page: 48-52

Serous Cystadenoma at Tail of Pancreas: A Case Report

S. N. Jatal , Sudhir Jatal, Supriya Jatal, Shubhangi Jatal

Page: 53-59

A Case Report on Spontaneous Bilateral Nasal Septal Hematoma in a Child

Bushra Abdulhakeem, Chaimaa Rsaissi , Myriam Louadghiri , Walid Bijou , Youssef Oukessou , Sami Rouadi, Reda Abada , Mohamed Roubal , Mohamed Mahtar

Page: 74-76

Ulceration within a Neurofibromatous Nodule: A Case Report

Pradeoth Mukundan Korambayil , Deepthy Vijayaraghavan , Catherine Angel D Cunha

Page: 77-84

Spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: A Case Report and Literature Review

F. El Mourabit , C. Rsaissi , M. Loudghiri , W. Bijou , Y. Oukessou , S. Rouadi , R. Abada , M. Roubal , M. Mahtar

Page: 91-99

A Rare Case Presentation of Chondromyxoid Fibroma Involving the Sphenoid Sinus

F. El Mourabit , C. Rsaissi , M. Loudghiri , W. Bijou , Y. Oukessou , S. Rouadi , R. Abada , M. Roubal , M. Mahtar

Page: 100-108

Post Partum Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Cases Study

M. Benkhaldoun , M. Habla , H. Benaguida , A. Elyoussfi , S. Karti , S. Sabur , A. El Harti , M. Diouri

Page: 120-125

A Rare Case Study Biliary Cystadenoma: Management and Review of Literature

Mohammad Shoeb, Madhura Killedar, Sudhanwa Pathak

Page: 126-132

Rare Case of Intra and Extra Peritoneal Urinary Bladder Rupture following Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Shweta Nalawade , Mohammed Asad , Sudhir Bhamre

Page: 133-137

Small Bowel Obstruction Due to Appendix Adhesion to an Aortic Graft

Oluwatobi Onafowokan , Hugo J.R. Bonatti

Page: 149-153

Simultaneous Discovery of Gallbladder Adenocarcinoma during Hepatic Hydatid Cyst Management: A Rare Clinical Case with Complex Implications

Bacem Zaidi, Souha Jaouadi , Sihem Sindi , Zied Mansi, Wael Gazzah , Khalil Ben Salah

Page: 154-159

Hemobilia: A Rare Case of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleed

U.V.Bharath Sabrish, D.G. Mote , A.Mohan Abhinav, Ananthu Sahadevan , Umesh Mahadev Avarade

Page: 218-221

Canalicular Adenoma in the Parapharyngeal Space: A Rare Case Report

Mohamed Amine Karmouch , Hamza Benghaleb , Walid Bijou , Youssef Oukessou , Sami Rouadi , Redallah Abada , Mohamed Roubal , Mohamed Mahtar

Page: 228-234

A Case Study on Phyllodes Tumor of the Breast

Rohit Saha, Diganta Borgohain, Uttam Konwar, Razvi Das, Deeparani Pegu, Surya Kumar Saikia

Page: 250-258

Increase in Incidence of Gall-Bladder Carcinoma in Tea-Estate Workers in a Tertiary Care Centre

Rahul Kumar, Baburam Basumatary, Gunabhi Ram Das, Ranjib Konwar, Sandeep Mudi, Sidhartha Dey, Megha Chaliha

Page: 278-281

Clinical Practice Article

Insights into Male Breast Cancer: A Clinicopathological Study of Cases in Assam, India

Likuma Das, Diganta Borgohain, Uttam Konwar, Razvi Das

Page: 292-299

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